• Magnet mount included
  • Ceramic Shaft
  • Ceramic rotor bearing
  • High flow rate
  • Energy efficient
  • Prop impeller rotor
  • UL listed


  1. Magnet Mount Magnet Mount support system makes mounting of the pump quick and easy allowing the pump to be secured virtually anywhere in the aquarium. Note: MM50 is for glass thickness up to 1/4in (7mm) MM100 is for glass thickness up to 3/8in (10mm) MM200 is for glass thickness up to 1/2in (12mm)
  2. 160° Directional Discharge 160° directional discharge enables the pump to be directed and secured at different angles.
  3. Prop Impeller Prop impeller creates high water volume output with low pressure making the pump energy efficient with low heat emissions.

    Magnet Mount
    160°Directional Discharge
    Prop Impeller

  4. Main housing strainer
  5. Well cover lock nut
  6. Impeller well cover
  7. Prop impeller
  8. Ceramic shaft
  9. Motor housing
  10. Air tubing & silencer
  11. Magnet mount
  12. 160° directional discharge
  13. Variable venturi intake
  14. Bushing

Replacement Part:

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